Cannondale Delivers a Kid Correct Way to Ride a Bike with Ease

Wilton, Conn. – November 10, 2017 – Cannondale today launched an all-new line of kids’ bikes that make it easier to learn how to ride and keep riding with Cannondale Kid Correct technology. These bikes now better fit a child’s body and riding needs as well as accommodate a wider age-range of boys and girls from one to eleven. These bikes are dedicated to creating a lifelong love of riding at an early age.

“Cannondale kids’ bikes have been redesigned to give kids and their parents the best bike experience,” said Burton Avery, Fitness, Urban and Kids Product Manager for Cannondale. “The new line gives kids what they deserve –  bikes that are lightweight, fit well, look good, and most importantly, make kids and parents smile.”

Cannondale’s new kids’ models are Cannondale Kid Correct to ensure a positive riding experience for all sizes of riders. The line has little cyclists covered from balance bikes, with Cannondale’s iconic one-sided Lefty fork, to ultra-cool mountain bikes such as the Cujo with big, Cannondale Kid Correct tires for stability and confidence on trails. These bikes’ frames are designed with Cannondale’s legendary lightweight yet extremely durable aluminum – the very same found in the brand’s high-performance racing bikes for adults.

Cannondale’s kids’ bikes put small riders in the best position to learn with comfort and control.  With a Cannondale Kid Correct distance between the pedals, pedaling is a breeze, and smaller handlebars, grips, brake levers and seats are all Cannondale Kid Correct too. Changing these touch points make learning to ride easier and more fun.

“Not only have we created bikes with a fit tailored to the stance of small riders,” added Avery, “We’ve also addressed balance, control, and speed. Take for example our Trail sidewalk bikes. Little riders shouldn’t be able to out-run their parents, so we’ve adjusted the bikes’ gearing allowing kids to keep pedaling with their walking parent beside them, giving kids a sense of pride and accomplishment when they ride.”

To make the new bikes even more kid-friendly, the color and graphics are inspired by kids themselves. In fact, during the design process, Cannondale visited elementary schools, where children submitted drawings of designs they wanted to see on bikes. Truly kid approved, the result is a bright and colorful selection of bikes.

The all-new lineup of kids’ bikes includes:

  • Boy’s and Girl’s 12” Balance: A lightweight alloy frame and cool single-sided fork, ideal for building beginner skills.
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Trail 12”: With its 12” wheels, low-standover frame, and tool-less training wheels, the smooth-riding Trail 12” will have even the littlest riders dreaming of singletrack stardom. The Trail 12” joins its big siblings, Trail 16”, 20”, and 24”.
  • Boy’s and Girl’s Quick: From 20” to 24” wheels, kids can cruise sidewalks and parks in style. The bike’s lightweight frame and 7- or 8-speed gearing makes short work of the hills, while stable handling and powerful brakes make descents a breeze.
  • Cujo: With models that feature 20” and 24” wheels, the amazing grip and comfortable ride of its big tires and its surprisingly lightweight frame make trail riding easy and fun.

The all new Cannondale kids’ bikes are available in 10 models for both boys and girls from $179 – $469 USD. For more information on Cannondale, visit Be sure to also follow Cannondale on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.