Our Mission: At Dorel Sports, we share a common goal to help create a fun, healthy world for the communities that we live and work in. Last year, all sixteen offices participated in our inaugural Community Connect month, taking a day to give back. Volunteer opportunities ranged from grassroots community projects such as bike and helmet safety to employee-giving campaigns such as Red Cross relief funds and food donations. But what was most important was that we put aside our own needs for the needs of others – it is when we do this that we can reflect on how truly lucky we all are.

Join the fight: Help us spread the word about bikes – their health and environmental benefits, and even how bikes can empower and improve entire communities. Write to your local legislators in support of bike programs. If you need some inspiration, check out some of the following organizations we support.

Please… ride your bike and help us support others who do the same. Let’s make our world a better place to ride.